WEB CENTER USER AGREEMENT for online Use of Web Center. User agrees that User will keep “User Name” and “Password” confidential. Mancan will not be responsible for any hours inputted by any unauthorized user. Customer agrees to notify Mancan immediately of any unauthorized use. CUSTOMER is licensed to approve employee time slips through the use of the Web Center by the designated USER, provided that CUSTOMER shall indemnify and hold MANCAN harmless from all loss, cost or claim arising out of the usage of the Web Center by any such USER. USER, being duly authorized on behalf of the CUSTOMER, certifies that the hours entered into the Web Center are correct and that the work was performed in a satisfactory manner. This also confirms prior agreement between MANCAN and CUSTOMER, with respect to the services performed hereunder and any future services, that (a) CUSTOMER shall not entrust MANCAN employees with unattended premises, cash, negotiable or other valuables, or authorize such employees to operate machinery or motor vehicles without prior written permission from MANCAN in each instance, (b) MANCAN’s insurance does not cover loss or damage caused by MANCAN employees operating CUSTOMER’s owned or leased motor vehicles(s), and CUSTOMER therefore accepts full responsibility for claims, including the defense thereof, involving bodily injury, property damage, fire, theft, collision, cargo damage or public liability damage sustained or incurred as a result of a MANCAN employee driving such vehicle(s), or arising out of or involving violation by CUSTOMER of paragraph (2)(a) above, (c) MANCAN is not responsible for claims made under its Fidelity bond unless such claims are reported in writing to it by CUSTOMER within 30 days after occurrence, (d) CUSTOMER shall defend, indemnify and save MANCAN harmless from any and all fines, penalties, and assessments, including attorneys’ fees, incurred by MANCAN as a result of any alleged violations of any Federal, State or local law, regulation or ordinance relating to health and safety with respect to premises owned are controlled by CUSTOMER and to which MANCAN employees are assigned. CUSTOMER agrees to health and safety training specific to the work to be performed. MANCAN reserves the right to charge a sourcing fee in the event the customer offers direct employment to MANCAN employee. The customer recognizes MANCAN’s employer-employee relationship with its personnel and accepts the obligation to discuss all matters concerning their employment, job assignments, pay procedures, etc., with MANCAN. CUSTOMER, by using the Web Center, is hereby approving the verification of hours worked for each employee whose hours are inputted through Web Center. By using the Web Center CUSTOMER accepts the terms and conditions stated above and agrees to pay any interest and collection costs, including reasonable attorney’s fees if this account is not paid when due. MANCAN will invoice CUSTOMER weekly for all hours submitted. The Customer agrees that there is a four (4) hour minimum billed per employee per day. Such invoices shall be payable by CUSTOMER upon receipt. MANCAN time slips signed by the CUSTOMER or time approved within the Web Center, will be conclusive as to the number of compensable hours worked by each MANCAN employee assigned to the CUSTOMER for that workweek. Bill rates include all deductions required by State and Federal legislation including employer’s contributions for FICA taxes, providing Unemployment and Worker’s Compensation, liability insurance and fidelity bonding, as well as all other deductions and benefits paid to our temporary employees. Additionally, all administrative charges are covered, including preparation of W-2 forms at the end of the year. If Customer hires or accepts assignment of a MANCAN employee from any other source including, without limitation, another temporary employment firm, and whether on a temporary or permanent basis, within 180 days of the last day of the employee's assignment with Customer, the Customer agrees to pay to MANCAN a conversion fee equal to 25% of the employee's annualized wages.
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